Volunteers are a tremendous resource for our Robyne’s Nest non-profit. We recognize their importance in achieving our goal of helping our underserved population. This month we are highlighting Gail Smith as our volunteer.

Gail and her husband Ken have been Fountain Valley residents for 45 of their 51 married years! They have two daughters and two grandchildren that reside in Southern and Northern California.

After meeting Robyne at church and learning about her mission, Gail felt compelled to volunteer for the non-profit. She has been a huge asset to Robyne’s Nest working behind the scenes to make sure the students feel special and recognized – especially on their birthdays. She is responsible for sending out birthday cards to students to ensure they are remembered and celebrated on their special day. Gail shared that although she doesn’t personally meet the students, she enjoys being part of their life celebrations. Occasionally, this even includes celebrating their milestones. She also feels that the volunteers that contribute with their time and/or monetary donations are rewarded by knowing that they are a part of the future of numerous deserving young people.

When asked to share her superhero power, her answer was short and sweet, “generosity.” Thank you, Gail, for sharing your time, gift of generosity and steadfast support for our Robyne’s Nest family and community.
If you are interested in volunteering for Robyne’s Nest, please check out our link: www.robynesnest.org