Differences Made

Robyne’s Nest helps kids in our very own community. These children need help and guidance. With our focused effort we can empower these children to get skills and access to resources that will put their feet back on the ground.

I’m 19 years old now and attend Cal State Bakersfield. I’ve been in Robyne’s Nest for about a year and a half now. I was introduced to Robyne’s Nest when I was a senior and I needed extra help. I really couldn’t do senior year by myself and didn’t have enough parental support, so they took me under their wing. They gave me so much more than I could ask for like senior fees, cooking lessons, gift cards for gas and I could go to the office pantry whenever I needed food or toiletries. Even after graduation, Robyne’s Nest continues to help me. I receive notes and support from them consistently! I am so very thankful for Robyne and her people for helping me and being there when I was overwhelmed. I hope that she continues her business of Robyne’s Nest to help support other kids just like me in this situation in the future. Forever grateful


When I was 18 years old, I was in a very hostile and unhealthy environment. My parents were constantly threatening to throw me out in my senior year of high school and then I found out they had created debt in my name for $11,000 that I was being sought after to repay. Because I was raised without love, support, or life skills, I tried to handle this situation on my own and was not doing well. My school counselor had me meet Robyne at this time. When I explained the situation to her, she was able to provide housing for me in Robyne’s Nest Housing Program. While living in the transitional living house, I learned how to live by house rules which provided much needed safety and structure in my life. I learned how to shop for groceries, share in chores at the house, and how to get along living with other women. I was taught how to budget in order to pay bills and save money. In addition, the program offered private weekly counseling which has truly changed my life. It has helped me to identify harmful habits learned in my home of origin and to mature in significant ways. In 3 years, the Robyne’s Nest Program helped me get rid of the fraudulent debt, put me on a productive path for a bright future and showed me what it means to be a fully functioning adult. I am forever grateful!


To say Robyne’s Nest changed my life wouldn’t do the program justice… it practically saved it. Before joining, I was in an abysmal living situation where I dreaded coming home from school almost every afternoon. I had lost my mom the year prior and did not feel that I had a family to care for me. This affected not only my mental health but also my grades, in which both were steadily declining. After joining the program, I got to live with an amazing family where I felt welcomed and loved every moment of my stay. I was able to express myself and feel free to pursue my interests which were not only welcomed but encouraged by my new family. This support helped in motivating me to pursue higher education. I am now proud to say that I am enrolled in my local community college and working towards a degree in engineering. I would not be where I am today without Robyne’s Nest and am so thankful for the opportunity I was given to finish school in a safe and wholesome environment.


Just like everyone in the world, we all have our challenges and struggles. Unfortunately, it happens a lot for high school students. In my case, I was in a difficult position at home and I had to make a really difficult decision that would affect many relationships in my life. In my senior year, Robyne changed my life… completely. I have been part of social services almost my whole life, so I know what it is like to sit down with someone, telling them how you are in life and them only asking if there are any ‘things’ you needed. Meeting Robyne for the first time, she helped me with something I will always take with me in life and that was the power of education, helping others in need, and life skills. Robyne’s Nest has helped me by guiding me in the right direction, but in a way most people lack. For instance, the life skills taught are tools that give us stepping stones to start our adult lives. They’ve taught me that to live in this world, you must strive and keep going towards your goals, but be prepared for when life’s crazy moments hit. Being in Robyne’s Nest has ultimately taught me that any challenges in life will push us down and test us in ways you will never anticipate. I believe the greatest human attribute is our ability to fall and get up, again and again. That is what Robyne’s Nest means to me and I say thanks to her personally and everyone else who has contributed to Robyne’s Nest.


Homeless and transition age youth are frequently in a position where they must choose between their education and supporting themselves. Robyne’s Nest has been an invaluable resource for my students for several years. Students that might need to leave a comprehensive school setting are able to stay and learn with the support they get from Robyne’s Nest. Students that might miss school due to working late nights or helping to support family members are able to have a typical high school experience. Thanks to Robyne’s Nest, we’ve been able to assist students in reaching their educational goals including high school completion and beyond to college. The stability and assurance students have when they realize that they are not alone, despite their individual hardships, can’t be measured.

Cynthia Olaya MA

EdS Student Support School Psychologist, FVHS - Fountain Valley High School

Without Robyne’s Nest, I don’t know that I would still be surviving, but now I finally get to experience life for me. My mind is no longer clustered with thoughts of stress and despair. Before Robyne’s Nest, I was planning on giving up on myself and my dreams. I only worried about whether I was going to eat for the night and where I would sleep. Robyne’s Nest came as a reminder to me that my future is what I want it to be and not where I came from. I can now visualize my future… it’s not on the streets!


Robyne’s Nest is truly a lifesaver. With senior year being such an important year for me, I had a very difficult time balancing family financial struggles and school work. Thanks to Robyne’s Nest unconditional love and support with their living stipend program, the scale had balanced out for me! I was able to work less and focus more on my school work to achieve the grades I knew I could do to graduate.  I am now attending OCC and continuing my goal of a college education. I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Robyne’s Nest. I am sincerely grateful and appreciative of all the support I have received from them. Thank you!


Before coming into Robyne’s Nest, my life was falling apart. I was alone and scared and didn’t know how I was going to maintain a roof over my head, let alone graduate high school. Then I was introduced to Robyne through my school and everything changed. I was given opportunities that I hadn’t had before, life skills I didn’t know I was missing and I had new friends and a family to help me succeed. I am now a high school graduate in my freshman year of college with a great job and my very own car. I don’t worry about a roof over my head and am looking forward to moving into my own place with another student. It’s all because of the help I received through Robyne’s Nest. If you’re given the same chance, take it. I’m living proof they care!

I would like to share my testimony about Robyne’s Nest. I was born in Mexico and at the age of four years, I moved here to the US with my mom, two brothers, and a sister. My mom had been physically and emotionally hurt by my dad that caused her to start drinking. As I grew older, things at my house weren’t getting better, so I moved out of my home and in with a school friend sophomore year. After I graduated high school and moved out from there, I had to work two jobs to help me get by and didn’t attend college. It really disappointed me that I wasn’t going to school. My new living situation wasn’t in a good place either because I was living with a friend whose dad was an alcoholic. Finally, I decided to reach out for help. I went back to my high school where Ms. Upstill and Mr. Volo had always welcomed me and helped me in the right direction. That is when I met Robyne from Robyne’s Nest. She came to me with the kindest heart and wanted to help me get back on my feet and on a better path. She was very concerned that I had a safe place to live. She, her husband, daughter, and son all came to help out with moving and getting furniture. I was just mesmerized that there are good people out there helping like this. Robyne didn’t only help me with my living situation, but getting things done that I didn’t know how to do or that I needed to do. I was introduced to Melissa, a volunteer for Robyne’s Nest. Melissa and Robyne helped me get into school and even when I felt like I couldn’t go anymore, they gave me encouragement… if there was a will, there’s a way. Words cannot show how grateful I am to be a part of Robyne’s Nest program. I know that good people are out there. I am in school full-time and work full-time at a great job and have a great place to live. My goal is to continue doing my best, and when I get older, I can give back as they gave to me.