Happy Birthday! Robyne’s Nest is SEVEN years old!
This is the perfect opportunity to educate our community by launching our “What is Robyne’s Nest?” series – Week 1.

Robyne’s Nest fills a niche in providing assistance to high school students in the Huntington Beach and Newport Mesa school districts who lack parental support and need help to succeed and thrive. In our first interview, founder Robyne Wood shares her vision.

Why was Robyne’s Nest created?
“Robyne’s Nest was created to serve as a resource to schools to provide necessities to their students and to help at-risk and homeless students who are drug/alcohol free and have little to no parental support.”
What are you most proud of?
“We are proud of all of our students who continue to put their best efforts into becoming better than where they came from; to overcome the hurt and abuse and unhealthy habits to be the person they were meant to be!”
What are your organization’s goals this year?
“Our goals for 2022 are to continue to help any student who is in need of food/toiletries/resources in the two school districts through the end of the school year, to get our current Robyne’s Nest students back to in-person life skills classes and life coaching, and to continue to enhance our current programs.”
Where do you see Robyne’s Nest in five years?
“Robyne’s Nest will continue to serve our at-risk and homeless high school students to provide a foundation to self-sufficiency for them and support the high schools with resources for their low-income students such as food, toiletries, and transportation. Of course, we will be most accommodating as needs present themselves along the way.”
What donation/volunteer needs do you currently have?
“Our current volunteer needs are life skills instructors and life coaches.”