Path to Self-Sufficiency

Who We Serve

Robyne’s Nest supports the high school graduation of homeless, unaccompanied and at-risk students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled in a public high school in the Huntington Beach Union High School District or the Newport Mesa Unified School District. To begin the application process, students must contact their student support psychologist or nurse within their school.

How We Serve


Financial Assistance

Student Living Expense Program: Students are eligible to receive a monthly stipend of gift cards up to $250 which provides a safety net in managing daily needs. To be eligible to receive a stipend, students must have passing grades in all classes (A’s, B’s, or C’s) and meet school attendance requirements (minimum 80% attendance rate).


Basic Needs

Robyne’s Nest provides free basic needs items such as food, clothing, hygiene items, household goods, and school supplies. Students may visit our office or their own school pantry. All donations are provided by the generosity of community members, organizations, and businesses.
Transportation:  Monthly bus passes and bicycles (when available) provide students with transportation to school, work, and healthcare appointments.


Living Resources

Robyne’s Nest assists administrators and students with referrals to other social service and healthcare agencies to ensure that each receives the support required to graduate from high school. The organization provides a wide-range of services including, but not limited to:
Housing Assistance
Personal Counseling
One-on-One Success Coaching
Computers and Legal Assistance.


Life Skills

Robyne’s Nest life skills education class are required to be taken by all students in our program and are also be open to any non-program students who would like to attend. These classes will focus on education, wellness, employment, housing and finances.Without the stability of a family and the lack of parental guidance, most of the youth in our program cannot imagine what the next day of their life will bring… let alone plan their future career paths. Robyne’s Nest provides guidance, mentoring and training in: pursuing possible educational scholarship opportunities, assessing skills to determine possible career paths after high school, & preparation for job placement, from application to resume to interview.

Why We Serve

As a community, our strength lies in our citizens—the people that make up the fiber and quality of our town. Homeless, uneducated teens remain in our community. Without a high school diploma and the educational foundation to become self-sustaining, they will become homeless adults who remain in our community. Statistics show that homelessness generates staggering negative impact, increasing crime and dysfunctional behaviors that a community must deal with. Investing in homeless teens is investing in the future of our communities, our state, our nation, and our world! Social change truly does begin at home, and the ripple effect of its success can span the globe… starting with one homeless student at a time!