Path to Self-Sufficiency

Who We Serve

Robyne’s Nest provides support to homeless, unaccompanied and at-risk students of our local Huntington Beach high schools to encourage high school graduation and further education. Students are referred to Robyne’s Nest by school administrators.

To be eligible for services, students must be enrolled in a Huntington Beach Union High School District school full-time.

How We Serve

Robyne’s Nest provides students with a variety of resources that take burdens off of them in order to focus on studies and finish high school.


Financial Assistance

Student Living Stipend Program: A monthly student living stipend provides relief in managing daily needs. To be eligible to receive student living expense support, student must have passing grades in all classes and meet school attendance requirements.


Basic Needs

Food Pantries: All high schools have fully stocked food pantries with grab-n-go foods, toiletries and clothing. Donations that stock the pantries are provided by the generosity of community members, organizations and businesses.
Transportation: Monthly bus passes, bikes, skateboards provide students transportation to school, work and healthcare appointments. We also have volunteer transportation when needed.


Living Resources

Robyne’s Nest assists administrators and students in finding alternative or additional social services and healthcare options to ensure that each receives the support required to create a more stable life foundation for the future.


Life Skills

We are also implementing a life skills education class that will be required to be taken by all students in our program but will also be open to any non-program students who would like to attend. These classes will focus on education, wellness, employment, housing and finances.

Why We Serve

Without a high school diploma and the educational foundation to become self-sustaining, these students will become homeless adults in our community. Statistics show that homelessness generates staggering negative impact on a community. It increases crime and dysfunctional behaviors that a community must deal with. Investing in homeless and at-risk teens is investing in the future of our community, our state, nation and world!