Community kindness and generosity is making a difference in the lives of 10 students every night! Robyne’s Nest has been busy the last couple of weeks answering the call for help from schools to provide for their students. 7 twin beds have been delivered in the last 2 weeks complete with new mattress covers, sheets, blankets and pillows to students who were in need of these items along with dressers, lamps, food and other household goods that were on-hand. 3 students were provided with houseold goods and bedding that they did not have to sleep well at night. Thank you to the community members that donated those items, especially Lutheran Church of the Resurrection who donated 5 new mattresses!, Tracy McKelvey for 2 beds and dresser, help from Monica Samples with household items and thank you to the volunteers who helped deliver- Alex Alvarez, Ray Walls and Patrick & Tracy McKelvey!