Who We Are

Meet the Team

Meet the individuals who have taken the opportunity and responsibility to take the lead in taking care of these students and not leave them behind!

Robyne Wood

Founder and Director

Lisa Farmer

Board Member & Volunteer Manager

Tim Shields

Life Coach Program Manager

Cheryl Biber

Volunteer Coordinator

Dick Deaner


Board of Directors

Dr. Pat French

Board Member

Penelope Nichols

Pantry Manager

Meredith Woodson

Special Events Coordinator

Elisabeth Hassanzadeh

Board Member
& Secretary of Board

Kirby Wood

Board Member

Danielle Swanson


Nancy Rasmussen

Student Appreciation Coordinator

Debbie Knipe

Education Stipend Coordinator

Alex Alvarez

Board Member &


Dr Robin Baroway


Rachelle Cannara

Life Skills Education Manager

Gail Smith

Student Birthday Coordinator

Linda Kannow

Student Appreciation Coordinator

Dr. Morgan Smith

Board Member

Eric Bumb

Social Media/Web Manager

Tina Elmore

Marketing Coordinator

Kathy Williamson

Student Christmas Coordinator