To educate and empower our teens to become stable, productive and contributing members of our community.

A Helping Hand

Robyne’s Nest provides resources, funds and support to our at-risk & homeless high school students in the Huntington Beach High School District and Newport Mesa high schools. Our organization was started to help homeless high school students who have been abandoned, kicked out or are just being neglected by their parents/guardians. We also help those students, whose parents are simply unable to provide for them. These students, despite their difficult and unfavorable circumstances, continue to want to go to school. They don’t drop out, turn to drugs or criminal activity. They want to be part of something and to be helped, however, they generally don’t ask for help.  The schools are struggling to help these kids stay alive, thrive and finish school as a result of very limited resources. Robyne’s Nest is working to provide resources, funds, and extra manpower to help these students and educators bridge the gaps.

With so many reactive agencies in our communities trying to “fix” our broken adults, we are being proactive by focusing on the maturing teen and helping them get on a good, strong path to become self-sustaining, productive members of our community. It starts here… now, in these formative teenage years. Without the guidance, assistance and basic necessities to thrive and learn, they will only continue to struggle.